The youth communication program, “TalkUp” wraps up. On our two month long journey, every weekend, teenagers from Tirana and Durrës were challenged in establishing stronger fundamentals on qualitative and constructive communication. The youth group chosen amidst over 70 applicants, was presented with communication techniques and its effects through individual and group games. 

Arjola, one of the finalists, shows how speechless she was at the end of the day’s reflection. “Throughout this training I realised the importance of listening to a conversation and not necessarily give an opinion or judgement on the matter. This is something that often lacks on the other party I may engage myself in communication with, therefore I will pay more attention to being a good listener ahead of all.”

Perceived in a fun and relaxed way, the training took place on Saturdays at Kallz, the multifunctional centre.

During this activity, they were given the chance to get a better understanding of what an open mind brings into communication. Gaining a higher awareness on their skills and limits they have now aimed their focus toward what their communication requires improvement in. 

The ambitious group of youth from Tirana dhe Durrës took a meeting with the undertaker Uran Derri. While Uran was willing to share his challenges and choices he made as a young undertaker, the youth on the other hand showed a great interest on his interaction with his associates, clients, family and friends. According to Uran, “transparency in communication is one of the most productive ways of building healthy social or work relationships.”

Lexo: 4 llojet e bullizmit që çdo prind duhet të njohë

TalkUp was wrapped up with a visit at the Bukinist and an open talk with its manager, Albert Gjoka.

Gjoka emphasised on the fact that the pandemic has abundantly increased the challenges in communication among us and particularly amidst teenagers. But, he also reminded us of how a book is one of man’s best friends. “A book is there for us even at the darkest of times and we were reminded of this ever since the very first day of the lock down, when the demand for books was tripled”, he said.

The program, aiming at enabling youth face communication challenges in an easier manner with family, peers or even teachers, was aided by friends of , such as Fastcall, Mr. Potatofood, Businessmag, Albacademy and Bukinist.