The article was published on  Nr. 1 të Revistës “Kallz”

Jon Çaushi is unto seventh grade now. His journey took place at  “Dëshmorët e Lirisë” ever since kindergarten. The year he is now leaving behind is the first of the multi-teacher program considering he used to have a sole elementary teacher ever since the first grade. “Plenty of kids see moving into a new system of several teachers instead of one as difficult, however that has seemed pretty easy to me, given now every teacher is specialized on the subject they teach us”, said Jon.

In his school journey, he emphasized on his first grade What he appreciates the most from his journey at school, is his elementary school teacher, Nimete Halilaj, who has accompanied him up to the fifth grade. “She is a loving, patient teacher who would teach us in a clear and fun manner. It is due to her that I have have enriched my vocabulary on many many phraseological verbs,” he says.

But what does Jon love the most about school? First things first, the friends he made in class. He feels very good and gets along very well with his classmates. He shows us how his class lavishes on quite intelligent and well prepared students, what drives him to work even harder to be at the top.”

Around a year ago, Jon won first place in the olympiads contest organized by Konica school. His words were, “I felt really good, not so much for my personal pleasure as much as to having made my parents proud. The school organizing the contest gifted me an electronic watch while my parents on the other hand got me the presents I had asked for. Yet, the thing I liked the most was the the award handing ceremony in front of all my peers at school. It was such a particular emotion, getting appraised in front of everybody.”

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Jon’s success milestones weren’t a coincidence. They’re a result of patient and systematic work. His day is well organized amidst learning and having fun. He wake up early in the morning to get to school. “When I come back from school, I split my time between learning and courses. I am currently attending soccer course, which is my favorite, english, german chess and math courses as well,” Jon says.

In winning the first place, his parents’ push alongside his math’s course, which he takes with his grandma, a former math teacher, has played a great role. “My parents have always wanted me to work hard in maths, since according to them I have a call for such subjects. But that’s not the only reason, I have always wanted to win a math’s olympiads, because I’ve always wanted to be the first at what I do. There’s something special about winning and showing yourself you have what it takes.”

While he takes his math course with his grandmother, Jon is part of a lot of courses in Kallz Centre. “I have always loved the way the centre works and I’ve always been given the chance to make great, new friends there. The centre displays a lot of courses I am keen on to, particularly the sports and foreign language courses. I keep going to the centre because I see it as one of the best ways of managing my free time rather than just stay at home watching TV or playing on my phone.

 I really love the special parties organized by the centre, particularly those of Halloween. These parties are an amazing fun window for us given how creatively they’re organized to fit what we like. 

Lirdi is Jon’s younger and only brother. Jon tells us about how he spends time helping him with homework, advising him not to rush, write things down calm and clean. “Lird is overwhelmed in curiosity due to his age and there are a lot of things he would need an adult to explain to him and this role is a part I often try to fill. When we watch movies together, he’s always asking for me to translate things for him and he kills me with a million question. He’s quite a high-struck kid and he can easily get hurt when being careless. My parents and I always try to see to it that he pays more attention to his own safety.”

Jon is passionate about football and he would like to become a great footballer. Ever since he was a little kid, he’s been keen on to football matches and loved the Barcelona team games. “I’m inspired by great names in football such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, and so on… All of these celebrities have made their way to the top thanks to their great power of will and drive on a stead. On the road to success in football, there may be a lot of injuries and unpredictable events, therefore if my wish to become a great footballer doesn’t be chance become a reality, I would like to become a businessman. It’s due to that, that never once do I get behind on my studies , this way I can be successful in other areas” Jon would like to say for Kallz magazine.