Nereida Llaha, psychologist

Almost a month since the lock down took place. An increase of the time indoors translates into an increase on unnerving, increase on negative thoughts, increase on anxiety as soon as the twilight starts unraveling. We’d resisted it until today, painfully held on to the love for dear life, ours and our family’s. Yet, it’s rather normal for you to feel like your patience is slipping through your fingers, to feel down and over all it’s as normal as it gets for you to feel like you’re losing tough of the psycho-emotional balance. Still, don’t let the blues get the best of you.

Don’t allow your emotive state lead your days until the end of this situation, don’t let it turn into a habit. You must react, fight with all you’ve got, becoming your own best friend in times of loneliness.

Turn these hard times around. Take a minute, try and ask yourself, clear your head, spot the thoughts that confuse your thoughts and heart. All of these steps help you face your fears. Try to put all of them down on a paper. Through writing, we face ou fear the best, enabling it to become milder, and come from deep down to up into the surface. Externalized fear translates into strength to move ahead.

 Now is the moment to gather our strength, not give up. It’s high time we see the glass half full and be grateful for it, for having been able to stay strong and united with our families through three full weeks of lock down.